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MBRB20200CT データシート - Motorola => Freescale

MBRB20200CT SWITCHMODE™ Power Rectifier Dual Schottky Rectifier Motorola
Motorola => Freescale Motorola
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MBRB20200CT データシート PDF : MBRB20200CT pdf   
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. . . using Schottky Barrier technology with a platinum barrier metal. This state–of–the–art device is designed for use in high frequency switching power supplies and converters with up to 48 volt outputs. They block up to 200 volts and offer improved Schottky performance at frequencies from 250 kHz to 5.0 MHz.

• 200 Volt Blocking Voltage
• Low Forward Voltage Drop
• Guardring for Stress Protection and High dv/dt Capability (10,000 V/µs)
• Dual Diode Construction — Terminals 1 and 3 Must be Connected for Parallel Operation at Full Rating


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MBR20200CT SWITCHMODE™ Power Rectifier Dual Schottky Rectifier MBR20200CT View ON Semiconductor
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