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MBRB20100CT1 SWITCHMODE™ Schottky Power Rectifier Motorola
Motorola => Freescale Motorola
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SWITCHMODE™ Schottky Power Rectifier
D2PAK–SL Straight–Leaded Through Hole Mount Package
...using the Schottky Barrier principle with a platinum barrier metal. These state–of–the–art devices have the following features:
• Package Designed for Low Profile Through Hole Mount
• Center–Tap Configuration
• Guardring for Stress Protection
• Low Forward Voltage
• 150°C Operating Junction Temperature
• Epoxy Meets UL94, VO at 1/8″
• Guaranteed Reverse Avalanche
• Short Heat Sink Tab Manufactured — Not Sheared!
• Similar in Size to Industry Standard TO–220

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