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HLMP-DG08 Datasheet PDF - HP => Agilent Technologies

HLMP-DG08 T-13/4 (5 mm) Precision Optical Performance AlInGaP LED Lamps HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
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HLMP-DG08 Datasheet PDF : HLMP-DG08 pdf   

These Precision Optical Perform ance AlInGaP LEDs provide superior light output for excellent readability in sunlight and are extremely reliable. AlInGaP LED technology provides extremely
stable light output over long periods of time. Precision Optical Performance lamps utilize the aluminum indium gallium phos phide (AlInGaP) technology.

• Well Defined Spatial Radiation Patterns
• Viewing Angles: 6°, 15°,23°, 30°
• High Luminous Output
• Colors:
   590 nm Amber
   605 nm Orange
   615 nm Reddish-Orange
   626 nm Red
• High Operating Temperature: TJ LED = +130°C
• Superior Resistance to Moisture
• Four Package Options:
With or Without Flange Base;
With or Without Lead Stand Offs


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