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7801 データシート - Sonardyne sound in depth

7801 Compatt Mk4 EHF (Discontinued) SONARDYNE
Sonardyne sound in depth SONARDYNE
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The COMPuting and Telemetering Transponder (Compatt) is a microcomputer controlled subsea transponder used for acoustic navigation and positioning. The EHF system is suitable to a wide range of tasks such as underwater measurement, remote control and monitoring.

Key Features
• Sequential mode operation with twelve individual channel frequencies
• Simultaneous receiver card for high speed positional updates fitted as standard
• Unique addresses allow up to 768 Compatts to be used in close proximity
• Programmable address codes
• Conventional Enable and Disable commands for normal transponder operation
• Advanced telemetry facility replies to all commands with Compatt address, confirmation of command executed and error-checking
• Direct measurement of baselines between Compatts greatly improves array calibration accuracy
• Baseline measurement 20 mm
• Temperature and depth measurements allow sea-bed sound velocity evaluation
• Battery check records remaining battery capacity and time since last charge
• Remote status Monitory
• Cycle mode permits up to eight preset commands to be executed on receipt of one command
• Internal tilt sensor ±45°
• Battery count auto-disable at 90% battery pack usage.


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