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AQV414 データシート - Panasonic Corporation

AQV414 PhotoMOS relay, GU (general use) type [1-channel (form B) type]. AC/DC type. I/O isolation 1.500 V AC. Output rating load voltage 400 V, load current 120 mA. Surface-mount terminal, tape and reel packing style, picked from the 1/2/3-pin side. Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation Panasonic
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AQV414 データシート PDF : AQV414 pdf   
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1. Low on-resistance (typ. 26Ω) for normally-closed type
This has been achieved thanks to the built-in MOSFET processed by our proprietary method, DSD (Double diffused and Selective Doping) method.
3. High sensitivity and low on resistance
Can control max. 0.15 A load current with 5 mA input current.
4. Low-level off state leakage current of max. 1 µA

• Security equipment
• Telephone equipment (Dial pulse)
• Measuring instruments

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