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LV47011P Monolithic Linear IC 4-Channel BTL Power Amplifier for Car Audio Systems ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON-Semiconductor
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LV47011P データシート PDF : LV47011P pdf   
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The LV47011P is the IC for 4-channel BTL power amplifier that is developed for car audio system. Pch DMOS in the upper side of the output stage and Nch DMOS in the lower side of the output stage are complimentary. High power and high quality sound are realized by that.
This IC incorporate various functions (standby switch, muting function, and various protection circuit) necessary for car audio system. Also, it has a self-diagnosis function.

• High output : PO max = 50W (typical) (VCC = 15.2V, f = 1kHz, RL = 4, Max power)
                   : PO max = 29W (typical) (VCC = 14.4V, f = 1kHz, THD = 10%, RL = 4)
                   : PO max = 22W (typical) (VCC = 14.4V, f = 1kHz, THD = 1%, RL = 4)
• Built-in muting function (pin 22)
• Built-in Standby switch (pin 4)
• Built-in Self-diagnosis function (pin 25) : Signal output in case of output offset detection, shorting to VCC, shorting to ground, and load shorting.
• Electric mirror noise decrease
• Built-in various protection circuit (shorting to ground, shorting to VCC, load shorting, over voltage and thermal shut down)
• No external anti-oscillation part necessary.


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