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TLP192G Datasheet PDF : TLP192G pdf     
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PC Card Modems
STB (Set Top Boxes)
Measurement Equipment

The Toshiba TLP192G consists of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a photo-MOSFET in a 6-pin SOP package.
This photorelay has a characteristic of high-withstanding voltage between output pins which enables TLP192G to be applied in hook relays and dial-pulse for modems and facsimiles.
Moreover, the TLP192G is used for PCMCIA-compliant card modems because the maximum mounted height of SOP package is as small as 2.1 mm.

• 6-pin SOP (2.54SOP4): Height = 2.1 mm, Pitch = 2.54 mm
• Normally open (1-form-A) device
• Peak Off-state voltage: 350 V (min)
• Trigger LED current: 3 mA (max)
• On-state current: 110 mA (max)
• On-state resistance: 35 Ω (max, t < 1 s)
• On-state resistance: 50 Ω (max, continuous)
• Isolation voltage: 1500 Vrms (min)
• UL recognized: UL1557, File No.E67349


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