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TDA8822 Datasheet PDF - Philips Electronics

TDA8822 Universal I2C-bus programmable RF modulator Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
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TDA8822 Datasheet PDF : TDA8822 pdf   
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The TDA8822 is a programmable modulator which generates an RF TV channel from a baseband video signal and a baseband audio signal in the event of negative video and FM sound standards (B/G, I, D/K, M and N standards).

• 5 V power supply
• Video amplifier with clamp and white clip circuits
• Programmable video modulation depth
• FM sound modulator (4.5, 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 MHz)
• Programmable picture-to-sound ratio
• Programmable deviation of the sound subcarrier
• Input for modulated NICAM sound subcarrier or second frequency modulated sound subcarrier
• Asymmetrical or symmetrical RF output buffer
• Symmetrical RF oscillator for UHF or VHF band according to the application
• One I2C-bus programmable output port
• On-chip Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer for the RF carrier
• On-chip PLL frequency synthesizer for the sound carrier
• On-chip power supply regulator
• On-chip I2C-bus and/or hardware controlled Test Pattern Signal Generator (TPSG) with LED driver
• RF output switch-off during tuning.

• Video recorders
• Cable converters
• Satellite receivers
• Set top boxes.

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