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SPT7750 Datasheet PDF - Signal Processing Technologies

Signal Processing Technologies 
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SPT7750 Datasheet PDF : SPT7750 pdf   
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The SPT7750 is a full parallel (flash) analog-to-digital converter capable of digitizing full scale (0 to -2 V) inputs into eight-bit digital words at an update rate of 500 MSPS. The ECL-compatible outputs are demultiplexed into two separate output banks, each with differential data ready outputs to ease the task of data capture. The SPT7750s wide input bandwidth and low capacitance eliminate the need for external track-and-hold amplifiers for most applications. A proprietary decoding scheme reduces metastable errors to the 1 LSB level. The SPT7750 operates from a single -5.2 V supply, with a nominal power dissipation of 5.5 W.

• 1:2 Demuxed ECL Compatible Outputs
• Wide Input Bandwidth - 900 MHz
• Low Input Capacitance - 15 pF (MQUAD)
• Metastable Errors Reduced to 1 LSB
• Monolithic for Low Cost
• Gray Code Output

• Digital Oscilloscopes
• Transient Capture
• Radar, EW, ECM
• Direct RF Down-Conversion


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