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SPT1019 Datasheet PDF - Cadeka Microcircuits LLC.

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SPT1019 Datasheet PDF : SPT1019 pdf   
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The SPT1019 is a monolithic 8-bit digital-to-analog converter capable of accepting video data at a 165 or 275 MWPS rate. Complete with video controls (Sync, Blank, Reference White [Force High], Bright), the SPT1019 directly drives doublyterminated 50 or 75 ohm loads to standard composite video levels. The standard setup level is 7.5 IRE. The SPT1019 is pin-compatible with the HDAC10181 with improved performance. The SPT1019 contains data and control input registers, video control logic, reference buffer, and current switches.
The SPT1019 is available in a 24-lead PDIP package in the industrial temperature range. Contact the factory for military temperature and /883 versions.

• 275 MWPS Conversion Rate - Version A
• 165 MWPS Conversion Rate - Version B
• Compatible with the HDAC10181 with Improved Performance
• RS-343-A Compatible
• Complete Video Controls: Sync, Blank, Bright and Reference White (Force High)
• 10KH, 100K ECL Compatible
• Single Power Supply
• Registered Data and Video Controls
• Differential Current Outputs
• Stable On-Chip Bandgap Reference
• ESD Protected Data and Control Inputs

• High Resolution Color or Monochrome Raster Graphics Displays
• Medical Electronics: CAT, PET, MR Imaging Displays
• CAD/CAE Workstations
• Solids Modeling
• General Purpose High-Speed D/A Conversion
• Digital Synthesizers
• Automated Test Equipment
• Digital Transmitters/Modulators


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