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OPB120A データシート - TT Electronics.

OPB120A Photologic® Slotted Optical Switch TTELEC
TT Electronics. TTELEC
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OPB120A データシート PDF : OPB120A pdf   
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The OPB120 through OPB123 devices consist of an infrared emitng diode and a Photologic® sensor (which is a monolithic integrated circuit that incorporates a linear amplifer and a Schmit Trigger). The OPB120 series have an LED and Photologic® sensor mounted on opposite sides of a 0.080” (2.03 mm) wide gap of an opaque housing. The OPB12_A series have a molded 0.040” (1.02 mm) wide apertures located over both the emiter and the Photologic® sensor. The OPB12_B seriesseries have a molded 0.040” (1.016 mm) wide apertures located over the emiter and 0.010” (0.254 mm) over the Photologic® sensor. All devices in this series have the added stability utlizing hysteresis built into the amplifcaton circuitry.

• Choice of output confguraton
• Printed circuit board mountng
• Opaque plastc housing
• Low profle
• 0.080” (2.03 mm) wide slot
• 0.275” (6.99 mm) lead spacing

• Mechanical switch replacement
• Speed indicaton (tachometer)
• Mechanical limit indicaton
• Edge sensing
• Object sensing


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