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LMV321 Datasheet PDF : LMV321 pdf     
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The LMV321, LMV358, and LMV324 are CMOS single, dual, and quad low voltage operational amplifiers with rail−to−rail output swing. These amplifiers are a cost−effective solution for applications where low power consumption and space saving packages are critical. Specification tables are provided for operation from power supply voltages at 2.7 V and 5 V. Rail−to−Rail operation provides improved signal−to−noise preformance. Ultra low quiescent current makes this series of amplifiers ideal for portable, battery operated equipment. The common mode input range includes ground making the device useful for low−side current−shunt measurements. The ultra small packages allow for placement on the PCB in close proximity to the signal source thereby reducing noise pickup.

• Operation from 2.7 V to 5.0 V Single−Sided Power Supply
• LMV321 Single Available in Ultra Small 5 Pin SC70 Package
• No Output Crossover Distortion
• Industrial temperature Range: −40°C to +85°C
• Rail−to−Rail Output
• Low Quiescent Current: LMV358 Dual − 220 A, Max per Channel
• No Output Phase−Reversal from Overdriven Input
• These are Pb−Free Devices

Typical Applications
• Notebook Computers and PDA’s
• Portable Battery−Operated Instruments
• Active Filters

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