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IRF630N データシート - New Jersey Semiconductor

IRF630N N-Channel MOSFET Transistor NJSEMI
New Jersey Semiconductor NJSEMI
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IRF630N データシート PDF : IRF630N pdf   
IRF630N image

● Drain Current –ID=9.3A@ TC=25℃
● Drain Source Voltage-
   : VDSS= 200V(Min)
● Static Drain-Source On-Resistance
   : RDS(on) = 0.3Ω(Max)
● Fast Switching Speed
● Low Drive Requirement

● This device is n-channel, enhancement mode, power MOSFET designed especially for high power, high speed applications, such as switching power supplies,UPS, AC and DC motor controls, relay and solenoid drivers and high energy pulse circuits.

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