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IDT74FCT3907SO データシート - Integrated Device Technology

Integrated Device Technology IDT
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IDT74FCT3907SO データシート PDF : IDT74FCT3907SO pdf   
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The IDT74FCT3907 Clock synthesizer is built using advanced dual metal CMOS technology. This device uses a 14.31818 MHz crystal input to synthesize the various motherboard clock frequencies.

• 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology
• Generates keyboard, floppy disk, system reference, PCI and CPU clocks
• 6 copies of PCI clock & 4 copies of CPU clock available
• 14.31818MHz crystal input
• CPU clock output skew <250ps Bus clock output skew <500ps
• 0.03% output frequency accuracy
• Power-on reset
• Selectable CPU clock frequency (50/60/66.66MHz)
• Internal loop filter
• VCC = 3.3 ±0.3V
• Available in 28 pin SOIC
• Supports Pentium™ processor based designs
• Meets Intel Pentium™ processor 3.3V Clock Driver specification (External Draft 1.0)


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