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General Description
The FMS6410 Dual Channel Video Filter – Driver Chip with CV Summer offers comprehensive video filtering for set top box or DVD applications. This part consists of two 4th order Butterworth 7.1MHz low pass filters for video signals. The filters are optimized for low overshoot and flat group delay. The device also contains a summing circuit to generate filtered composite video. Integrated video drivers are included to facilitate a direct drive to the outside world.
Video Features
• Dual integrated video low pass reconstruction filters on
• Composite Video Summer
• Integrated output drivers provide low impedance outputs
    and deliver 2VP-P (6dB gain) video into 150Ω.
• 7.1MHz 4th order video filters
• 7.1MHz Y and C filters, with CV out
• 42dB stopband attenuation at 27MHz on Y, C, and CV
• Better than 1dB flatness to 4.5 MHz on Y, C, and CV
• No external frequency select components or clocks
• 9ns group delay flatness on Y, C, and CV output
• AC coupled inputs and outputs
• 0.4% differential gain with 0.4° differential phase
• Integrated DC Restore / Clamp circuitry with low tilt
• Cable and Satellite Set top boxes
• DVD players
• Televisions
• Personal Video Recorders (PVRs)
• Video On Demand (VOD)
• Distribution Amplifiers

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