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EL2130C データシート - Elantec -> Intersil

EL2130C 85 MHz Current Feedback Amplifier Elantec
Elantec -> Intersil Elantec
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EL2130C データシート PDF : EL2130C pdf   
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General Description
The EL2130 is a wideband current mode feedback amplifier optimized for gains between b10 and a10 while operating on g5V power supplies. Built using Elantec’s Complementary Bipolar process, this device exhibits b3 dB bandwidths in excess of 85 MHz at unity gain and 75 MHz at a gain of two. The EL2130 is capable of output currents in excess of 50 mA giving it the ability to drive either double or single terminated 50X coaxial cables.

• -3 dB bandwidth = 85 MHz, AV = 1
• -3 dB bandwidth = 75 MHz, AV = 2
• NTSC/PAL dG ≤ 0.03%, dP ≤ 0.1°
• 50 mA output current
• Drives ±2.5V into 100Ω load
• Low voltage noise = 4 nV/√Hz
• Current mode feedback
• Low cost

• Video amplifier
• Video distribution amplifier
• Residue amplifiers in ADC
• Current to voltage converter
• Coaxial cable driver


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