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BA78M05FP-E2 データシート - ROHM Semiconductor

BA78M05FP-E2 1A Output 78 series Regulators 500mA Output 78 series Regulators ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
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BA78M05FP-E2 データシート PDF : BA78M05FP-E2 pdf   
BA178M07CP image

BA78□□, BA78M□□ series are three-terminal regulators available with several fixed outputvoltages. It supplies the stable fixes voltage from unstable direct input voltage. The useful output voltage lineup is 5V, 6V, 7V, 8V, 9V, 10V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 20V, 24V with 0.5A / 1A current ability. They have nearly same electric characteristics ascompetitor products and cover a wide range of application.

1) Built-in over-current protection circuit and thermal shutdown circuit
2)  High ripple rejection
3)  Available TO220CP-3, TO252-3 package to a wide range application
4)  Compatible replacement to competitor products
5)  Various voltage lineup (5V, 6V, 7V, 8V, 9V, 10V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 20V, 24V)

Fixed voltage power supply for TV, Audio components, etc

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